Ultra-Narrative: Ego Traps

mouse-trapCulture is tapping into the ego via the Hero Narrative. The Hero Narrative is often used as an alchemical process for transmogrifying a potentially complex protagonist into a simplified energetic symbol, whilst simultaneously promoting the idea of violence equating to catharsis. For a viewer identifying with the character, this is a potential Ego Trap; a tool often employed (consciously and unconsciously) as means of propagating cultural homogenization via the harvesting and harnessing of egoic impulse en masse. Modern pop culture prolifically manufactures Ego Traps, often aiming for young adults for the purpose of colonizing the undirected fantasy in their imaginations.

“Lego Movie subtly suggests that the “hero’s journey” is not actually a rebellion against consumerist conformity, but the ultimate product of it.”

– Charlie Jane Anders

Questions to Consider

  • How does Joseph Campbell’s monomyth relate to the idea of Ego Traps?
  • Is there any type of cultural product where Ego Traps are guaranteed not to occur?
  • +/- the idea of rejecting the Sword of Righteousness narrative and exorcising the heroic impulse.
  • TWE are ego’s being led into experiencing more profound levels of hyper-reality?



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