Reality Mapping: Cultural Constants and Fringe Exploration

Tintin: A Constant

Constants are cultural artifacts you have a growing relationship with throughout your life. They can act as an anchoring influence when exploring the outskirts of culture and reality.

The idea of constants appears in the episode “The Constant” from the TV show “Lost”. One of the characters realizes he is caught in a time warp that is moving his consciousness between two different bodies at two different points in time and space. He has to find something that is present in both times and can serve as an anchor for his mental stability.


“Toward A Distant Dawn” by Mario Martinez (aka Mars-1); an example of I.V.O.

Fringe exploration is the investigation of I.V.O. and other forms of E.C.O. Prolonged exposure to E.C.O. can have warping effects on the psyche, besides the use of constants, there are other methods of staying mentally healthy while engaged in fringe exploration, such as having a balanced cultural diet and re-combulating in the neutral space of a hub-reality.


Consider the Art Gallery as a Hub-Reality; a model for experiencing multiple sub-realities.

“People for whom art is religion can say, “What I love about art is that it points to a higher reality.” Well, fine, but the time comes when the smart thing for such a person to do is to let go of the fun of the art and get into the hard work of attaining and understanding that higher reality, unmixed with worldly games. I think that’s an appropriate goal for anyone, whatever their vocation. I don’t believe in art like I used to. I believe in something beyond it, something that contains art and everything else.”

Jim Woodring

Question to Consider

  • TWE can someone use constants and fringe exploration to plot their spiritual and dimensional ascent?

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