Rage 2.0

baby birdsThe Mother Bird and the Predator: A Shared Conundrum

  1. Who should the mother bird feed first? A) Alpha, B) Standard or C) Runt?
  2. Who should the predator eat first? A) Alpha, B) Standard or C) Runt?

Could the answers to these questions be fueling an unquenchable backlog of runt rage? Extract your own interpretation.

There is a rage that exists in certain areas of society that can’t be properly articulated or addressed due to restraints imposed by the current social paradigm. Unarticulated truths, exploitation of the survival instinct, passivity and denial are just a few of the active creative forces perpetuating our detrimental social system.

In a system that preaches coupledom as the optimal mode of being, smug couples can comfortably perpetuate twoism knowing that beings who want to survive the flood must enter the ark two by two. As far as engaging with the enraged runts of society, the advice offered by the proponents of twoism tends to be variations of; “Get a girlfriend / boyfriend!”, “Get a job!” and “Get a life!” Under the terms of this social dialogue the solitary animals, shamans, sanctioned hate figures and various other outcasts are exiled with systematic ease into hermit-land. What if they don’t want to be there forever?

When working with “Destroy”;

  • Temper the urgency of now with the prospect of future reconciliation.
  • Recognize the path of constant self-correction that is life.
  • Circumnavigate old systems and outdated machinery.
  • Recognize that which is often nothing but trouble.
  • Remember that we all die alone.
  • Employ compassionate severity.
  • Make it positive.
  • Incite insight.


“You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger.”

– Buddha

“We are spirits in the material world but we are also material in it as well. Spiritual quest is one of those terms that is so elastic it can end up meaning nothing at all. I like the definition of spirit as the catalyst to meaningful action; ‘that’s the spirit!'”

Christopher Knowles

Questions to Consider

  • What percentage of loner/runt trauma is affected by unacknowledged and unarticulated social engineering?
  • To what extent does humanity create its own danger?
  • How does an emotional filter work and are there any side effects to employing one?
  • In what ways does a predator employ empathy?
  • What are the differences between reconciliation and forgiveness?
  • Is deliberate ignorance helpful in any way and what are the consequences from its use?
  • Is displaying outer strength in any way detrimental to ones inner strength?
  • If life is but a dream what is the logical response?
  • What are the pluses of being heartless?
  • In what ways can emotional and libidinal governance affect levels of violence?
  • How does one reroute erroneous anger sublimation?
  • What is “smanga”?


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