Sexual Scepticism

“Let us stop believing that carnal love is high and noble and understand that any end worth our pursuit – in service of humanity, our homeland, science, art, let alone God – any end, so long as we may count it worth our pursuit, is not attained by joining ourselves to the objects of our carnal love in marriage or outside it; that, in fact, infatuation and conjunction with the object of our carnal love (whatever the authors of romances and love poems claim to the contrary) will never help our worthwhile pursuits but only hinder them. The Christian’s ideal is love of God and his neighbour, self-renunciation in order to serve God and his neighbour; carnal love, marriage, means serving oneself, and therefore is, in any case, a hindrance in the service of God and men.”

– Leo Tolstoy

Questions to ConsiderSURRENDER WILL

  • In what ways could placing a force lacking in social and intellectual accountability as a primary cultural engine be problematic?
  • What percentage of career ladder progress, social climbing, and mainstream hive acceptance is fueled by the mutual-affirmation-of-being, afforded by coupledom?


  • What effect do people’s relationships and sexual experiences have on mainstream culture’s visual transmission?


  • TWE does sexual intercourse equate to social validation and what are the implications (moral or otherwise)?


  • TWE do we have a prurient mainstream?


  • What methods are available for transcending the libidinally dominant stage of the ascension process?


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