Sourcing H.E.H.I.

The Sourcing H.E.H.I. module will explore the following concepts:

  • Overmind data transfer: Studying and quantifying knowledge gained from outside the consensus mainframe.
  • The facilitation of intuitive, awareness seeking capabilities.
  • Sourcing literature and data that may be of future relevance, concepts to be gradually understood over an extended period of time.
  • Recognizing obscure esoteric and exoteric qualities in data, including multi-dimensionality, multi-applicability and novelty density.
  • Understanding the deliberate limiting of access to intelligence and the manipulation of knowledge bases using obscurantism.
  • Understanding suppression of radical potential.
  • Advanced data network visualization. Mapping intelligent nodes.
  • Establishing guidance minds and database stability via juxtaposition.
  • Harnessing non-dictatorial intellectual emanations. Transcribing self-sourced data from contemplation space.
  • Involuntary seeding of data, information as obligation.

“Some kind of dialog is now going on between individual human beings and the sum total of human knowledge and nothing can stop it.”

– Terence McKenna

Questions to Consider

  •  Can complexification and simplification be used to clarify and obscure simultaneously?
  • What is Transcendental Empiricism?
  • Is there such a thing as intelligent pollution? Can you give examples?
  • Describe the ways someone can seed information?
  • TWE is seeding awareness a valuable process?
  • When engaged in holistic learning does the parallel study of contrasting subjects result in a stronger relationship with the concept of balance?
  • +/-: Anti-stratification.
  • +/-: Stating the obvious.
  • Is there more than one overmind?
  • TWE does knowledge extinguish the flame of curiosity?
  • To represent the multi-interpretive element of reality, do some questions need to remain unanswered?

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