Let’s M.D: Intro

To better understand something, one should consider it from several perspectives, from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic and all that lies in between. A technique for gaining a more thorough understanding of a given subject is via the inexact science of MD’ing (Multi-Dimensionalizing).

MD’ing involves:

  • Sourcing a spectrum of overlapping yet distinct perspectives or ideas.
  • Perceiving multiple concepts simultaneously and separately.
  • Utilizing a reality lense concept; considering consensus-accepted factual solidity, visual abstraction and emotional connection as different lenses with which to perceive reality.
  • Zooming in and zooming out of an idea.

After gathering several distinct perspectives on an event or idea, the next stage of the MD’ing process involves organizing, clarifying, contextualizing, simplifying and/or complexifying data for the purpose of consolidating it into a single usable model of understanding. The model will initially be a cloudthing, but gradually higher levels of detail and clarity will emerge.


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