Ultra-Narrative: Transition into Surrealism

The idea that there is a strange attractor at the end of history pulling us along (aka the Terrence Mckenna Eschaton, the Time Shadow and the Novelty Event Horizon Model) can be linked to a narrative sequence (narreme) found in culture, the Transition into Surrealism.

Consider how The Revelation of Saint John the Divine relates to the rest of The Bible, or how the pink elephant scene relates to the rest of Dumbo. Examples like these depict a slide from solid-state/fact based depiction of reality into a more formless symbolic-hallucinatory depiction of reality.

“Magic is the art of creating ontological shifts in public.”
-Charles Stein

 Questions to consider

  • Can the Transition into Surrealism narreme be simplified and re-applied to an individual and the relationship with their endpoint?
  • What might the term “reality-eclipse” refer to?

Recommended Literature; Falling Out Of Cars by Jeff Noon, Perdido Street Station by China Mieville, Amnesia Moon by Jonathan Lethem.


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