Reality Mapping: Imaginal Sculpting

I. Modes of perception: Classifying lenses.

II. Shadow Work: An anchoring influence.

III. Self-Generated Imaginal Bestiaries: Extending mapping skills via unknown beings from unknown realms.

IV. Identifying system flaws for use of circumnavigation.

V. The Art of Cloudthing Construction: Investigating new aeon scenarios via abstract models.

VI. Voidguards: Barriers to void.

VII. Techniques for navigating the abstract realms.

VIII. Optimizing Cultural Diet: Isn’t the mind a temple too?

All images by Mark Whalen (aka Kill Pixie).

“Lucidity understands the permeable threshold between dreams, desires, visions, and manifest reality. The Dreaming Mind is indeed the Doorway to Eternity.”

Amid Midnight Suns

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