I wanted to explain the process of working on this blog and in doing so give the reason why some posts have “placeholder” written there.

The information at RSUS (Revelation Space Upgrade Station) is sourced from several places…

Contemplation Space: The main bulk of the writing comes from me just thinking about things. I call it contemplation space, the place where thoughts churn, I use it to just think about how the world works, but also as an internal venue for discussing or clarifying ideas after engaging with work from other people. In regards to producing work, more time is spent in contemplation space than anywhere else. When time there produces an idea worth remembering I get a little mind tingle and that’s when I reach for a notebook or a word document to write it down, where these ideas end up summarized as concise writing (usually a sentence or two), these sentences often utilize my own jargon, several examples of which are on RSUS. I would guess that I accumulate around a hundred of these sentences per month.

Professional Space: The next step is to arrange all these sentences into related fields, writing them in neat in Word. When they’re organized coherently, they’re ready to be posted on RSUS.

Culture Vulture Space: At the same time as all of this I’m jotting down quotes that I think are relevant and making notes of other media that will link into the ideas I’m thinking about, ready to add to a post. There’s an esoteric inner-method I have regarding media consumption that’s kind of difficult to articulate. I just think of it as input/output, you have to breathe in (look at ideas outside of oneself) to breathe out (produce your own work), and I just get a vague feeling when it’s time to source more input data, when it’s time to read an essay, watch a difficult film or look at some interesting visual art from fringe culture.

At the moment, I have a backlog of contemplation space sentences and have been doing plenty of culture vulturing but not as much activity in professional space. That means while I’m organizing output I’m satisfied posting, there may be a day or three when I post nothing but the word “Placeholder”. These posts will be filled in at a later date as I aim to average a post per day.* I look at this blog as a book one can read while the author is in the middle of writing it. Anyway thanks for reading. Cheers, peace out (insert preferred parting phrase here.)

* I’m no longer aiming for a post a day, all the posts marked placeholder have now been deleted.


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