Emotional Upgrades: Intro

If humanity is floating in a sea of infinite data, then a higher form of expression is open to all of our concepts. The more accurately we can target our emotional and spiritual shortcomings the better our chances of transcending them. The idea behind emotional upgrading is to concentrate on one aspect of ourselves at a time, to find the redemption spot in that aspect and to work in conjunction with the universe in trying to source a higher awareness for our emotional and spiritual outlook. Emotional upgrading involves actively seeking higher forms of emotional intelligence.

Re-contextualizing dark emotions

  • Terror 2.0: Documenting the obscure fears running in the background of our lives, unknown consciously.
  • Wickedness 2.0: Understanding the concept of Perfect Evil: Horrible events the worth of which are reconciled with at a future date.
  • Fear 2.0: Reintegrating the most shamed emotion. Utilizing fear as a tool for refining awareness. Accessing a higher awareness of hazardous situations.

Reassessing Hardwired Emotional Inclinations

  • L.O.V.E. (Limit of Voluntary Engagement): Loving relationships equating to existence confirmed and reinforced by multiple sources. Loveless or solitary lifestyles equating to existence confirmed and reinforced by oneself.
  • Morality 2.0: The concepts of good and bad utilized as a design interface for quantity control. Understanding morality as a liquid value, transforming relative to the times. Culture-wide morality as a form of course-correction for the Hive.

Accessing New Concepts

  • Optimizing Emotional Energy Output via Algebra: E – (I + N) x R = O [E: Emotion I: Instruction N: Narrative or symbolic value E2: Emotion 2.0 R: Rapid Transition (or rapidity of transition: U the urgency of now minus F the possibility of future reconciliation (How quickly you want something to change) O: Output]
  • V.E.E.P. (Voluntary External Emotion Processing): Processing, channelling and organizing the emotional output emanating from external sources.
  • Using the V.P. visualization technique to access the instructional value of any emotion.

He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in eternity’s sunrise
— William Blake

Occupy the spirit, colour and density of intelligent, conscientious being.
“Clap your hands if you feel that happiness is the truth!” Alternatively, do nothing if you feel that happiness is just one emotion out of a spectrum of contrasting and complimentary emotions and to posit just one of them as “the truth” and/or the answer to all of life problems is erroneous…

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