Morphing the Machine

If one judges the current dominant societal construct as problematic, one should consider how to facilitate an upgrade to that system. Perhaps a switch from a detrimentally opaque, automated social machine to a more accountable and dynamically interactive multidimensional system would be in order.

Some factors to take into account:

  • Machine propagation and social engineering via the individual: Consider the extent that the machine is powered by single nodes cohering into a primary node.
  • Individual accountability of rule-set propagation: Which paradigms are enforced by which individuals?
  • Consensus vocals: The method of tuning out from the single-point perspective of self when speaking is an individually accountable creuctive action, despite the hive-bias of the dialogue content.
  • How to accurately classify creuctive energetic output with the aim of rerouting energetic transference, taking into account male and female-centric approaches to localized social engineering.
  • The roots of machine-facilitated confidence, such as social, sexual and financial superiority, moral righteousness dictated by the mainstream agenda and the upholding of societal norms.
  • Sly smirks: Pro-machine nodes utilize the body language of superiority for strategic purposes.
  • The propagation of consensus power via the illusion of conversation reinforces system bias via selective interfacing and closed social feedback loops.

“The socio-economic system of our time is as archaic, dogmatically religious and pseudo-scientific as any dogmatic religious belief. It is completely decoupled from the benchmark of our scientific emergent reality, which is being denied and held in place by traditional non-emergent institutions. Mark my words, this will be what destroys life on this planet as we know it, if the multidimensional reality that is springing up is not realized and brought to the surface quickly. The central problem we face is that the economic system is actually still systematically reinforcing itself. It is continuing to hold this paradigm in place by the ongoing values and actions of the masses, who do not see the true source of the problem because they’re trapped inside of it. They are accelerating its effects.”
-Peter Joseph

Questions to Consider

  • TWE is the brutal self-organization exhibited by society informed by an unconscious attempt to meet “The Event”?
  • Could the dominance of hierarchical systems be means to provide a peak of being reaching away from the planet?
  • Could culture’s obsession with creating new pathways into the galactic and micro-cosmic realms be an attempt to find future escape routes in case of earthly cataclysm?

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