E.T.V. Programming: Intro

Geometric Chrome by GMUNK

Geometric Chrome by GMUNK

One of the ideas behind the employment of concepts such as chakral portals is to solidify imaginal models for the purpose of directing intention and exploring awareness of non-physical phenomena. An E.T.V. is similar to a chakral portal in the fact that the concept has little physical actuality in consensus reality.

An E.T.V. is many things; a self-generated multipurpose vehicle that often takes the form of an orb, a protective force-field and an advanced information exchange interface. Introducing the concept during excursions into imaginal realms, such as contemplation space, induces the omnidirectional physical aspect of galactic consciousness. The nature of an E.T.V. implies an increased familiarity with new ways of navigating space and time, since the dynamic multidimensional movement of an E.T.V. is unlike any earthbound vehicle.

A simple E.T.V. generation routine:

  1. Focus.
  2. Charge up energy.
  3. Generate vibration and sound.
  4. Bass-punch from the chest.
  5. Generate orb outwards.
  6. Visualize light and colour.
  7. Be aware of the space the orb is occupying.
  8. Recognize the E.T.V. as an extension of self, yet distinct from the body.
Aaron Bauer

Aaron Bauer


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