Let’s Fractalize the Workplace

Final fractal workplace 1A

Final fractal workplace 2B

Final fractal workplace 3C

Final fractal workplace 4D

Final fractal workplace 5E

“In the essay “The Abolition of Work” Bob Black responds to the criticism that “work” is necessary to get important but unpleasant tasks done, by contending that most work now currently done is unnecessary, serving functions of commerce and social control that exist only to maintain the work-system as a whole. As he sees it, the political left has, for the most part, failed to acknowledge as revolutionary the critique of work, limiting itself to the critique of wage-labour. The left, he contends, by glorifying the dignity of labour, has endorsed work itself, and also the work ethic.” 

Question to Consider

  • Our hierarchies are based upon increasing levels of power and responsibility and since money is both a signifier and a literal embodiment of that power, would it be erroneous to propose financial equality whilst still perpetuating current hierarchical structures in the workplace and elsewhere?
  • Do proposals to reduce financial inequality ignore the inescapable symbiotic relationship between power and money?



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