Death Logic

The Dance of Death, Josef Fenneker (1919)

The Dance of Death, Josef Fenneker (1919)

Our thoughts regarding what happens when we die add to a body of knowledge that will grow throughout our life, albeit often unconsciously. We gather our internal, semi-conscious thoughts about death from…

…Sliding into Unconscious and Hallucinatory States:

  • Falling Asleep
  • Fainting
  • Experience with Hallucinogenics
  • Drifting out of consciousness during illness.
  • Orgasm

…Deathly Rituals:

  • Subconsciously tuning into ones death transmission via smoking.
  • Entering into life-long debt, (the term “mortgage” derives from an expression in French meaning “death pledge”).
  • Cheering on silver screen killers as they administer morally self-righteous death.
  • Christianity.
  • War.

…Deathly Philosophy:

  • Carlos Castaneda’s idea of “death as an adviser”.
  • Carl Jung’s semi-channelled book “The Seven Deadly Sermons”.
  • The Tibetan Book of the Dead
  • Ideas from Hinduism and Buddhism, including concepts such as reincarnation and Samadhi.

Death logic is about bringing our hidden thought on mortality into a state of lucidity and applying logical reasoning.

Questions to Consider

  • Does the body partly want to die and decay?
  • TWE is death a misunderstood creative force?
  • If we live in an “age of revelation”, does that imply the mechanics of death will be revealed to an extent?



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