Co-Creation of Consensus Reality via the Individual

Putting aside ideas regarding predetermination and illusions of choice, the following are some of the ways people (consciously, semi consciously and unconsciously) co-create aspects of reality:

  • MOOD/EMOTIONAL: Choice of colour when decorating / the type of music one listens to.
  • SEXUAL: To the extent that sexual activity is self governed.
  • KNOWLEDGE PROPAGATION: The conversation’s one engages in / The level of knowledge in the books and movies one consumes (culture diet).
  • CULTURAL INFLUENCE VIA PURCHASE POWER: Purchase equates to endorsement of the propagation of a product.
  • SOCIAL ENGINEERING VIA THE INDIVIDUAL: Social validation via association / The consequensive influence of interpersonal interaction / Social validation via sexual validation / Cultural ghettoization
  • SYMBOLOGICAL LANDSCAPING: Perpetuation of cultural memes / The esoteric influence of the symbols one engages with.
  • CREATION VIA SELF-WILLED IGNORANCE: To the extent that ignoring a problem allows it to persist.
  • DISAVOWED CREATIVE OUTPUT: To the extent that participation in hive mentality and group-think allows illusory negation of creative ownership.
  • SENSORY INPUT: Alcohol and drug consumption.
  • ENGAGEMENT WITH SOCIETAL VALUES: For example, the extent that one extolling adherence to a 40 hour working week reinforces it as a cultural norm.
  • SPECIALIZATION IN REALITY CREATION: World building via engagement with the arts / Virtual World construction via programming / Lucid Dreaming.

Studying this list of reality states while contemplating the various levels of influence we exert on each of them may be useful:

Reality System
‘- Objective Reality
—‘_ Subjective Reality (Phaneron) affects all living systems.
——-‘_ Dream Reality
———–‘_ Unconscious Dream Reality
———–‘_ Semi-Conscious Dream Reality
———–‘_ Lucid Dream Reality
——-‘_ Fictional Reality ( imagination )
———–‘_ Day Dreaming
———–‘_ Movies
———–‘_ Books
———–‘_ Video Games
——-‘_ Abstract Reality ( Psychosis / Drug Induced )

While it’s difficult to precisely envision the Reality Design Interface we are engaged with, it doesn’t mean one shouldn’t try.

“Consensus Reality is the ultimate secret society. It is a society so secret that even its members are unaware of its existence. Consensus Reality is a conspiracy to uphold the world; it is the means by which we communicate and agree upon the way things are, and the way they must be. So far as it is a functioning model, such a Consensus is valid. Insofar as it is not a functioning model, and is, as in the present case, on the verge of breakdown, then such a Consensus is, by definition, invalid. It therefore becomes the right and responsibility of every thinking member of such a Consensus to cancel his membership, and to option a new, higher or broader concept of ‘reality’.”

– Aeolus Kephas

 Questions to consider

  • To the extent they’re provably creating and reinforcing their own reality, are people, generally speaking, in a state of creative denial?
  • TWE is negating individual responsibility of creative output harmful to society?
  • TWE has there been a culture-wide failure to calculate the impact of humanity’s creative decisions?
  • TWE is the diminished sense of responsibility felt from living in a fragmented society illusory?
  • TWE does compliance with a system equate to system propagation?
  • TWE can passivity and acceptance be classified as an active creative force?      
  • TWE are we creating while simultaneously being created?

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