eso-roticaThe pornography industry is reportedly worth around 40 billion dollars a year. Study this info-graphic to gain an idea of its societal impact.

Many of the negative and problematic aspects inherent to the pornography industry are reflections of society’s problems as a whole, e.g., sexual exploitation, propagation of sexual ignorance, perpetuation of addictive and obsessive traits, propagation of inauthentic reality and the exploitation and perpetuation of human vices for financial gain. Many of these issues are debated in culture; this module, however, will be focusing on aspects that aren’t included in mainstream conversation.

The Eso-rotica module will introduce the following concepts related to pornography and other sexual content in culture:

  • Mapping the process of energetic descent.
  • Distortion of mindscape via disturbing imagery and unhindered actualization of libidinal expression.
  • The actualization of obscure desires: Recognizing fetishes and their psychological implications.
  • Libidinal self-control via modification of sex-drive.
  • Pornography as physical reaction provocation media, equating to bodily engagement with hyper-reality.
  • Libido as a driving force behind technological growth. Streaming video and webcam technology are a couple of examples of cyber-media that has evolved due to an attempt to fulfill the demands of denizens of the internet.
The Great Masturbator. Salvador Dali (1929)

The Great Masturbator. Salvador Dali (1929)

Questions to Consider

  • TWE has technology artificially altered sex drives?
  • TWE has mass-libido driven society into a new kind of world?
  • TWE is engaging with pornography a transhuman process?
  • Given the status of Porn stars and Rock stars as recipients of mass psychic energy, does the comparatively high death rate in both fields suggest a problematic energetic configuration?
  • TWE does lack of libidinal self-control lead to emotional instability and delusion, individually and collectively?
  • Should a news story containing sexual content be classified as a form of erotic media?

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