Personal Statement

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Origin of muse:

The course of my life was galvanized by a switch in perception of reality that occurred around April 8, 2000. I would describe my experience as  a dash through many modes of reality, realities that may have been more long-term destinations for some, were short-term for me. Only in recent times have I developed a vocabulary capable of describing what happened. Realms visited: A Biblical realm {heaven, hell, angels, demons}, a clockwork karma realm, a realm informed and generated by technology, a realm fuelled by libidinal energy, a realm fuelled by unspoken hierarchies and I saw fragments of a futuristic city. These places were inhabited by vampires, aliens, animated animal spirits, witches and wizards. I was a witness to a spinning of the wheel of potential realities. Yet all these distinct realms and beings were contained within the boundaries of prime reality and physical actuality. This event (if it could be named as such) unfolded over the course of several months and the repurcussions have been felt long after. Different flavoured ehoes of the event have occured several times afterwards too. The forcefulness of the event, to an extent, severed my prior personal connections with the people around me (though connections were again formed as the years passed) and my inclination to go with “the programme”. This may partly have been an issue of trust, which, all but evaporated for a while, I didn’t completely trust anyone or anything, not in the same way I did pre-2000.

As time passes, the shock lessens and the opportunity to look objectively is afforded. With the idea of a singular, shared reality pretty much dismissed, the chance to redefine reality for myself was a genuninely intriguing prospect and I explored the questions brought forward by my experience in art (2002 to 2005), music (2006 to 2011) and recently via writing.

Personal Life:
Not that much going on. I’ve had a few friends over the years, none of whom I see that much at the moment. Aside from a short period between 2007-2008, any sexual or romantic aspirations have been confined to the realm of onanism.


I received a First and an M.A. in Art.



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