A Template Post: Structural Mapping and Self-Reflexivity


“Placed in a Circle to Suggest a Portal Window”, by Upgrade Space (2014)

Self-reflexivity suggests self awareness. In this post the self-reflexive narratival model affords the chance to consider something divested of meaningful content, allowing critical reflection on aspects that are usually not drawn attention to, such as structure, design and grammatical habits (shortcomings). By this point (the second sentence) there would normally be an obscure sounding self-created word or acronym – O.S.S.C.W.A. – the meaning of which would not be explained in the accompanying text, coercing the enterprising reader into consulting the J-Lexicon.
The text-editor in wordpress can be erratic so here I’ve used invisotext to create line-spacing.
There now follows some bullet pointed text to consider:
See above inviso-text.
  • An approximation of academic verbiage followed by a colon would go here: Some more words to illustrate the pre-colon idea would go here.
  • Perpetuation and Propagation: These two words tend to get employed a fair amount.
  • Another string of words, but this time no colon to keep things varied.
  • Grammatical uncertainty: The inbuilt spell-checker is useful, but grammatical doubt remains and is probably justified.
 “A quote by one of the far superior thinkers and writers out there – somewhat related to the concept under discussion – would normally go here. The quote certainly wouldn’t contain sentences as unwieldy and grammatically displeasing as the previous one. Notice that the text is in bold and italicized, perhaps to unconsciously suggest superiority to the surrounding text.”
Questions in Grey at the End
See above inviso-text.
  • TWE does repetition of words suggest a limited vocabulary and/or lack of confidence in ones own articulacy?
  • TWE does repetition of words suggest a limited engagement with the flowery poetic side of language and thus convey a sense of utilitarian urgency and modernism?
  • I quite like these sorts of philosophical questions , do you like philosophical questions?
  • TWE is short for “to what extent” if you’ve yet to consult the J-Lexicon. TWE do you think Upgrade Space employs acronyms and symbols for the purpose of reducing textual clutter?
  • TWE is the act of reading these posts made frustrating by willingness to use words outside of common usage (or completely make them up) and not explain them in the text?
  • TWE is mastery over “Right-click, Open Link in New Tab” a prerequisite to getting the maximum out of Upgrade Space?


(The symbols in the far right corner are links to related material. To check them out you can right-click them and then click on “Open Link in New Tab” or press the middle mouse button (the scroll wheel) which will open the links automatically. As one might guess, the meanings of the link symbols are to be found in the J-Lexicon.)

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