A Chakral Portal Interface for “What is Embodiment?”

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Chakral Diagnosis is the art of assigning chakral energy characteristics to a body of information. While exploring information a Chakral Portal Interface is a tool that can assist with navigation, pattern recognition, reality mapping and curation of cultural diet.

At the Auticulture site, between July 14th and October 21st, Jasun Horsley has created a series of 100 articles discussing themes related to enlightenment called “What is Embodiment?”. The Chakral Portal Interface below links to each of the articles in sequential order. Press your mouse scroll button to open a link and happy exploring.

circle redcircle redcircle redcircle greencircle purplecircle purplecircle bluecircle greencircle bluecircle purplecircle redcircle bluecircle greencircle bluecircle bluecircle greencircle yellowcircle bluecircle redcircle yellowcircle greencircle bluecircle yellowcircle bluecircle redcircle bluecircle purplecircle purplecircle greencircle bluecircle purplecircle greencircle yellowcircle bluecircle bluecircle greencircle greencircle greencircle bluecircle purplecircle redcircle purplecircle bluecircle yellowcircle bluecircle greencircle purplecircle purplecircle redcircle bluecircle purplecircle redcircle greencircle purplecircle greencircle redcircle bluecircle purplecircle bluecircle redcircle redcircle redcircle purplecircle redcircle bluecircle bluecircle purplecircle redcircle purplecircle redcircle greencircle greencircle greencircle redcircle greencircle greencircle greencircle bluecircle bluecircle bluecircle yellowcircle yellowcircle redcircle purplecircle bluecircle greencircle purplecircle greencircle redcircle purplecircle greencircle purplecircle greencircle yellowcircle greencircle purplecircle bluecircle redcircle purplecircle purple

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