2.0: Upgrading a given concept.  
Abstract Realms: Sub-realities perceived to be lacking in form, weight and meaning in comparison to C.R.  
Alien Exchange Theory (A.E.T.): The idea that, due to such phenomena as displacement and naturally occurring symmetry, human excursions into alien realms inevitably result in alien excursions into human realms.
Alienize: A lense to purposefully make something seem alien. Can be employed for M.D’ing purposes.
Alpinism: The art of climbing mountains of knowledge with the greatest prudence. (See Genius Syndrome.)  
Ambient morals: The moral climate in the culture surrounding oneself.
Anti/Static-Narrative: Narrative that subverts traditional narratival values and structures.
Anti-Stratification: Against strict segregation of subjects.
The Art Cycle: The cyclical process of realization of human creative output, noting the symbiotic relationship between fringe and mainstream culture.
Autopoiesis: A system capable of reproducing and maintaining itself.
Block Logic: A quick and simple method of visualizing data.   
C-Theory (Creator, Curator, Critic, Clown…): A holistic method of  defining creativity modes.
Channel Flick Reality: The fragmented states of time and linearity inherent to the media-saturated modern life.
Chaos Numbers: The development and study of mathematical systems that can more accurately account for chaotic and unpredictable factors.
Cloudthing: A method of envisioning data as inexact/vague/random models.
Colour Diet: Taking into account the quantities of colour an individual experiences via visual input and the effect this has on the nervous system, imagination and emotional body.
Complexification: Applying complexity to a given subject.  
Consensus Reality: The concept of reality which is agreed upon by the majority.
Consensus Trance: Unconscious devotion to mainstream thought. The mind on culturally dictated auto-pilot.
Constants: Cultural artifacts that can act as an anchoring influence during fringe exploration.
Contemplation Space: A place in the imagination conductive for the exploration of philosophical thought.
Cultural Diet: A means of trying to achieve a healthy balance of engagement with low and high forms of culture.
Culture Vulture: Someone who is very interested in the arts.
Creuctive: Simultaneous creative and destructive output.
Data Hub: A database populated with data from several sources. 
Death Logic: Bringing our subconscious ideas of what happens when we die into a state of lucidity and applying logic.
Drawing In: The act of bringing data and energy towards oneself. The opposite of emanating.   
Dreamwalking: Transferring lucid-dream-like behaviour into a consensus reality setting. Dream logic in the real world.    
Ego Trap: The snaring and harnessing of egoic impulse for various means.
The Either Way: When no matter which way reality branches, the same outcome materializes.
Emotiopaths: People who can dominate human interaction via emotional manipulation, often to secure ego-buzz or social dominance.
Eso/Exo: Simultaneous comprehension of a subjects inner and outer qualities.
Eso-Cops: A mysterious force that detects guilt from our higher/future selves and emanates course-correcting authority.
Fringe Exploration: Engaging with realms beyond Earth C.R.
Galactic University Reality Library: An inconceivably vast organizational system cataloguing all currently known forms of reality in the multiverse and data on the means of experiencing them.     
Genius Syndrome: One gets high into an uncharted area of knowledge acquisition and mistakes it for the summit. (See Alpinism.)
Geodesic grid: A technique for modelling sphere surfaces.  
Geometric Programming: Effecting spiritual, emotional and intellectual states via the resonance of different geometric forms.
Glanding: Accessing alternate realms and states of being via naturally occurring inner secretions.
H-interface / Hellven Interface: A self-manifested reality lense for directing creuctive will and organizing design judgements made on beings and objects within a reality.  
Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia (Hex a cosy oi, hexy konta, hexaphobia): Fear of 666.  
Hive Ego: Pooled being/identities.
Hub-Reality / Hub Space: A neutral area for the purpose of containing links to other realities.          Hyperreality: Relating to a state of reality that exists on the borderline between the real and the non-real, between consensus and the virtual.  
Ignosticism: The view that any religious term or theological concept presented must be accompanied by a coherent definition. Without a clear definition such terms cannot be meaningfully discussed.  
Imaginal: Relating to imagination, images, imagery and realms separate from C.R.
Imaginal Bestiaries: Studying beings existing outside the barriers of C.R.
Information Vertigo: A dizziness caused by overdosing on knowledge. (See Alpinism.)
Inner Jargon: Language used in contemplation that doesn’t conform to the consensus lexicon.
Invisible Sex: Sexual acts taking place outside of the physical constraints of C.R. sometimes with imaginal beings.
J-Chakras: An alternate chakra system.  
Mastrophobia: Fear of breasts, often leading to prejudicial treatment and cultural censorship.     
Memescape gardening: Questioning Consensus Narrative and editing outdated Symbology.
Miracle circuit: A system component used for registering unpredictable/random/mysterious data.
Multi-Focal reality: A reality outlook or concept that allows for multiple reality-states co-existing simultaneously.
Multi-Reality Etiquette: Guidelines to optimizing codes of behaviour when interfacing with multiple realities.
Multiverse: The theory that reality consists of infinite parallel universes.     
Narrativize: To communicate (events or experiences) in narrative form
Narreme: The basic unit of narrative structure.
Neo-Genesis Comics: A sub-genre of  alt-comics dealing with the creation of reality, these include titles such as; A Graphic Cosmogony, Forming and By This You Shall Know Him.
Node: A point in a network or diagram at which lines or pathways intersect or branch.
Novelty Event Horizon Model: An apocalyptic scenario posited by Terrence Mckenna.  
Nymbology: Studying number from a symbological perspective. Number divorced from the realm of mathematics.  
Obsequious: Obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree.
Omnium-gatherum: A miscellaneous collection (as of things or persons).
Omnivoracious: Striving to find and learn all existing forms of information.
Ontology: A branch of metaphysics concerned with the nature and relations of being.
Opaquing the entire area: Method of obscuration.
Overmind: The Gaian Mind/Noosphere.   
Pronoia: The opposite state of mind to paranoia: having the sense that there is a conspiracy that exists to help you.
Prurient: An excessive interest in sexual matters, especially the sexual activity of others.
Quincunx: Five objects/nodes arranged in a square/rectangle with one in the middle.
Rapid Transition: Transitioning from one state to the other in hasty fashion. Speed evolution.
Reality Empathy: V.P’ing spiritual and emotional commonality between realms of being.
Reality Branching: When a single reality-state branches off into multiple reality-states.
Reality Lenses: A changeable perception of reality.
Recombobulation Area: A place for an individual/object/idea to regain solid-state form.
Redemption Spot: Positive characteristics found in subjects that are usually discussed in negative terms.
Reduced algorithmic complexity: A simpler version of a system/model. See Cloudthing.
Revelation Space: An area of space/time where revelatory truths come to light. 
Runt Rage: An emotional mass-emanation partly caused by factors inherent to culture’s dominant social structures and narratives.
Seeding information/energy: Becoming a primary node in the emanation of a particular knowledge base.
Shadow Work: The exploration of unconscious aspects of being, often hidden due to self-perceived and cultural negative associations.
Smanga: Smart anger
Spatiotemporal database: A database managing both space and time information.
Spectrumization: Using a spectrum to define a given subject esp. one previously defined in binary terms.
Supermarket Stargate: A psychedelic supermarket experience. The visual experience of walking down a supermarket aisle, with brightly coloured products on the shelves rushing by, is similar to the stargate scene in 2001: a space odyssey. (See Colour Diet.)     
Suppression of Radical Potential: Growth suppressed via the constraining influence of existing mechanisms and ways of being.
Switch-Point: The specific transition point between two realities or states of being.
Sword of Righteousness Narrative: A narrative that harnesses the participants will for justice and righteousness.
System music: The music-like qualities, such as rhythmic and emotional implications, of societal organizational mechanisms.
Trans-Cluster: A group of things undergoing a state of transformation.
Transition into Surrealism: A narrative sequence depicting a slide from consensus reality into hallucinatory / symbolic reality.
Truth-Lust: An intense/unreasonable drive for accumulating knowledge conforming to a self-perceived truth.
Twoism: The perpetuation of the belief in the superiority of a culture dominated by notions of coupledom.
Ultra-Narrative: A supreme narrative that hosts other narratives.
Ultra-Soup: The mass of potential reality.   
Underwater Maze: An obscure network of paths that is difficult to perceive accurately.
Upgrade Space: A place for the specific purpose of updating/optimizing concepts and models.  
Voidguards: Referring to any beings, data or transitional realities that act as barriers to void.
Wheel of Symmetry; Lattice, Cobweb, Tunnel, Spiral: A method of perceiving symmetry and patterns in a given set of data.


A.E.T: Alien Exchange Theory
C.D: Chakral Diagnosis.
C.R: Consensus Reality.
C.U.O.C.O: Cultural Utilization of Creative Output.
E.C.O: Extreme Cultural Output.
E.O.S: Erroneous Octopus Strategy – Aiming for the limbs of a problem and not the centre.
E.T.V: Externalized Telepathic Vehicle.  
G.I.M.P.S: Ghettoized, isolated, marginalized, persecuted, silenced. – An umbrella term for various fringe groupings in society.
H.E: Hidden Etiquette – Referring to secret handshakes, galactic information exchange and relationship games.
H.E.H.I: High-End Hidden Intelligence.
I-T.I.D.E: Imprisonment via Threat, Incitement, Denial, Emotional Abuse / Manipulation.
I.V.O: Intense Visual Output.
L.O.V.E: Limit of Voluntary Engagement.
L.O.P.I: Limit of Parasitic Intent.
M.D: Multi-Dimensionalize.
S.H.E.O: Synchronized Homogeneous Emotional Output.
S.Q: Status quo. – A film with a high S.Q. level is one that reinforces dominant cultural paradigms.
T.A.E: To An Extent.
T.O.E: Target Of Elucidation.
T.W.E: To What Extent.
V.E.E.P: Voluntary External Emotion Processing.
V.P: Vesica Piscis.   

Link Symbols

❂: Art
ツ: Comics
✍: Essay
☠: Hazardous Content
☺: Interview
♫: Music
✆: Podcast
‽: Problematic Content
♃: Synchromystic  
▭: Video
ⓦ: Wikipedia

J-Chakral Symbols

☄: Galactic Portal
∞: Mind Portal
☯: Heart Portal
⊗: Libidinal Portal
❒: Earth Portal

Instructive Symbols

+/-: The Pro’s & Con’s of a given subject.
(!): To draw attention to something for an unspecified reason.
(?): Questionable, uncertain.
☁: Cloud-thing.
ꅉ: V.P.
(P): Problematic.


 “The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that the English language is as pure as a crib-house whore. It not only borrows words from other languages; it has on occasion chased other languages down dark alley-ways, clubbed them unconscious and rifled their pockets for new vocabulary.”

― James Nicoll

Note: The utilization of scientific jargon and methodology in this work, partly derives from an attempt to repurpose the academic pursuit of obscuration via complexification. The reasons for this will be discussed elsewhere.


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