Symbol galactic colour

Galactic Portal [Creation, Dream, Reality 2.0]

Reality Mapping: Terminology
Reality Mapping: Cultural Constants and Fringe Exploration
Reality Mapping: Imaginal Hub-Reality
Reality Mapping: Cultivating Multi-Reality Adaptability and Civility
Reality Mapping: Portals to I.V.O.
Reality Mapping: Imaginal Sculpting
E.T.V. Programming: Intro
Ultra-Narrative: Transition into Surrealism


Symbol mind colourMind Portal [Knowledge]

Sourcing H.E.H.I.
Alpinism vs. Information Vertigo
They Gave Us Their Mind: Science and the Imagination
Let’s M.D: Intro
Let’s M.D. 9/11
Let’s Fractalize: Intro
Let’s Fractalize the Workplace
Geometric Programming
Nymbology: Esoteric Mathematics
Is Cyberspace an Inner Space Outer Space?


Symbol heart colour

Heart Portal [Spirituality, Emotional Intelligence]

Emotional Upgrades: Intro
Fear 2.0
Rage 2.0
Ego 2.0
Ultra-Narrative: Ego Traps
S.H.E.O. via Television
S.H.E.O. via Nymbology
Hive Transmissions
Death Logic


Symbol groin colour

Libidinal Portal [Sexuality, Libidinal Will]

Sexuality 2.0
Sexual Scepticism

Symbol earth colour

Earth Portal [Earthly Governing Systems]

The New Financial Times
Morphing the Machine
Co-Creation of Consensus Reality via the Individual
The Rise of Hyper-Reality: The Screen as Invading Life Form
Pattern Recognition: Pillars of Light
Pattern Recognition: The Travelling Orb
Pattern Recognition: Media Echoes



A Template Post: Structural Mapping and Self-Reflexivity
J-Chakral Diagnosis
J-Chakral Symbols
A Chakral Portal Interface for “What is Embodiment?”
Banner Artists I
Banner Artists II



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